Big Bad Blog is the sixth episode of Season 2.

Plot Edit

The Browne Boyz are searching social media for fan questions, when they soon discover a mean comment by a girl named Kieley, who wrote, "YOU MUSICAL JUNK PILES!!!!!!!!!!!!" Uh-oh. Sabrina and Quinn decide to help the boys stand up to this 15 year old cyber bully.

We then transition to Brooke's room, where she is on the phone with Avery, when Issac barges in there causing Brooke to yell, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!" Isaac lies to hr that he just want to find Kaitlin's favorite DVD, when he just puts an animatronic toy dinosaur in her closet that (gasp) squirts out fake blood whenever she opens it!

Meanwhile, Sabrina, Quinn, and the boys arrive a Kieley's house in Chicago, where the Browne Boyz sing her, "Hello, Kieley! Hello!" This makes Kieley very angry. She asks Sabrina, "Who are these freaks?" and Sabrina replies, "These are the Browne Boyz, an amazing a cappella group from Colton!" This makes Kieley even more angry. She makes a scene in front of everybody, and runs up to her room in panic.

Back at the Coopers' house, Brooke is covered in fake blood! She angrily calls Issac back into her room after finding the dinosaur in her closet. Issac tells Brooke that he put the dinosaur in the closet in the first place was so she could "feel more beautiful". Caitlyn peeks into the room and asks where her DVD is, and Isaac lies that he is still looking for it.

Over at Kieley's, Quinn and Sabrina discuss their side of the debate with Kieley, and she admits that the boys can't sing. So the boys show of their harmony talents to Kieley to prove her wrong. "This is a C-eee-eee!", they sing. In response, Kieley yells, "I KNOW!" and slams her bedroom door shut.


Acacia Brinley, lead singer of Watercolor plays Kieley.

Unfamiliar with Watercolor? Check out thier song "Stick Around" here!