"Maddy" is a four-part special which opens season 4. Quinn's neighbor is in need of a boyfriend. Is Carter Browne her type, though? It guest stars Piper Curda as Maddy.

Part OneEdit

Quinn introduces Maddy to Sabrina and VI They find outApart from that, Brooke teaches Kaitlin about being ladylike, only causing Isaac to interupt.

Part TwoEdit

The episode opens with the Browne Boys serenading Maddy in MoonBucks. The fun continues with Marter (Maddy and Carter relationship) as they play Shennanigans at the boys' house. Maddy finds herself trying to say "banana milkshake" 20 times fast with one finger up her nose- disgusting! Meanwhile, Isaac goes shopping with Brooke for a new PhonePad case.

Part ThreeEdit

The Browne Boyz surprise Maddy in the high school while she is drinking an iced coffee. They startle her so much while singing that they spill her drink over her WHITE leggings! The result? Maddy says to Carter (gasp) "I don't really need a boyfriend like you anymore!"- how rude!

Part FourEdit

Poor Maddy is still angry about what happened when the boys sang to her, so they sing to her again. Sabrina, Quinn, and Candice are onlookers. After a while, (gasp) Marter is back on!!!! The middle/ high school Spring formal is that night, and everybody goes, only to find Maddy and Carter singing a harmonious duet!