Mission: Popular is the 2nd episode of Season 2.

Plot Edit

Quinn thinks she's unpopular. Nobody but her best friends, Sabrina and Candice, want to sit with her at lunch, no boys have a crush on her, and she just feels like a total loser. So, Brooke and Avery take matters into their own hands.

Quinn and Avery come to the Cooper household, where Sabrina's waiting in Brooke's room. After a while, Brooke and Avery soon turn Quinn into "The Quinn," a...TOMBOY?! Uh-oh. Sabrina is SHOCKED to see Quinn wearing a football jersey, lacrosse shorts, and a (gasp) ponytail in her usually flowing long hair. Things just get worse when Quinn chooses to sit with the tomboys at lunch. Quinn's "The Quinn" alter ego just makes her MORE unpopular, and in the end Quinn sings an original song about being yourself.

Meanwhile, the Browne Boyz get locked in the Dollar-Nator store where the crazy employee Pepper (who had previously appeared in Season 1's "Boyz Will Be Boyz" when Sabrina was forced by Pepper to "put that dollar down") won't stop pestering them when they try to ask her out.