Who's That Chick? (On The Radio) is a song from the episode "The 12th Year Finally!". The boys wrote this song as a birthday present for Sabrina. This is also the first original a cappella song on the show.  It was also sung in "Liv and The Browne Boyz" a crossover between the show and Liv and Maddie, to congragulate Liv for winning the music video contest. It is the second track on the album "The Browne Boyz: In Perfect Harmony".


Carter: 1,2,3,4!!!

(boys sing multi-layered melody)

All: Tell me, who's that?

Carter: On the radio

All: Who's that?

Logan: On the stereo

All: Who's that?

Spencer: Who's that beautiful voice I got stuck in my head?

All: Tell me, who's that, who's that, who's that chick on the radio?  You just do that, do that, do that during every show!

Carter (rapping): Yo, there's this girl in my head with a number one single that I hear on the radio. I need concert tickets, but please get 'em quick cause it's gonna be a sold out show!

All: Tell me who's that, who's that, who's that chick on the radio? You just do that, do that, do that during every show!

(back to multi layered melody)

Carter: Who's that?

Logan (a third higher): Who's that?

Spencer (another third higher): Who's that?

Carter: Who's that chick?

All: It must be...

Carter: You...

Logan (a third lower): You...

Spencer (another third lower): You!!!

Additional LyricsEdit

Lyrics heard on the full album version:

Carter: There's a beautiful girl with face. She's got a beautiful voice and she's rockin' this place.

Spencer: She's gonna break a world record, I know it someday

For the most number one singles released in a day!

Logan: So tell me, baby, who is that?!?